Three Reasons to Do Squats

If you are contemplating changes to your workout routine, or you just want to improve your lower body strength, adding squats to your workout is a solid choice. In fact, squats should be a part of your workout no matter what you are aiming to achieve. Here are three reasons why squats are a vital part of every workout.

squat technique

Builds Up Your Whole Body

Squatting is not just about improving your length strength or muscle mass. Because of the way our body works, you are releasing testosterone and HGH into your body naturally when you squat regularly. And when those chemicals in your body at a higher level, you will gain muscle quicker through your other workouts.

Hoping to improve your arm strength? Want to boost your chest muscles? Squatting during your off days will ensure you gain muscle faster in your entire body!

Real-Life Activities Are Easier

Squatting is one of the most functional exercises you can perform, because it strengthens muscles that you will use in the real world. We are always working our thighs and quads while walking, especially when going uphill. If you live in an area where you walk a lot, you will see tremendous benefits to your fitness and endurance through squatting. Just ensure that your squat technique is correct, as you want to see maximum gains and no injuries.

Fat Burning

We have already talked about how squats will help you build muscles in your legs, and in your upper body. One of the great side effects of building muscle mass is that you will burn more fat. Your metabolism gets a boost each time you gain a pound of muscle. Each pound of muscle equals roughly 50 more calories burned each day. Add ten pounds of muscle to your body, and you are burning an extra 500 calories each day with no extra effort!