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18 Holes Of Hilarity

If you love golf, you likely can’t understand how some people can call it boring.  For lovers of classic comedy, however, there’s one TV episode that made the game of golf the funniest thing in the world.  If you’re a golfer or a golfing fan, “The Golf Game” from I Love Lucy is unforgettably funny.  If golf course business services had to cater to players who used these rules, the business would never be the same.

The episode is about Lucy and Ethel insisting on tagging along with Ricky and Fred when they play golf, and the guys making up the most ridiculous rules in the world to discourage them.  The gals, knowing nothing about the game, take these rules seriously-to hilarious effect.  The “rules” include:

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1.    Checking the direction of the wind at the beginning of a hole, and choosing which club to use by swinging them around to determine which one feels best.

2.    Always saying “May I?” before your first stroke, at risk of a penalty of losing 10 points and hitting the ball with your next stroke after taking a giant step with only your right leg.

3.    If you don’t hit the ball in three strokes, do a “dormie” by picking up the ball and throwing it under your left leg.

4.    If you touch the ball outside of doing a “dormie,” you get a “mashie”-in which the opposing player mashes your ball into the earth.

The “rules” go on and get more convoluted and ridiculous as they go along, and Lucy and Ethel believe them-until an actual golf pro, Jimmy Demaret, shows up and sets them right-and helps them get even with the guys.  It’s fun to imagine the game actually being played this way, but all things considered it’s probably best that the I Love Lucy rules are left to TV characters with gullible spouses.

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