Month: April 2018

Tips For Inexperienced Hunters

If you have never been hunting before or if you have only taken a few hunting trips, you may not be aware of some tips and tricks that can improve your hunting experience. There are many strategies and methods that can be used when hunting. It is a sport that takes a lot of skill and experience in utilizing specific strategies. Here are some tips for any would-be inexperienced hunters who want to become better acquainted with the sport.

Finding A Location –

guided hunting trips

Location is crucial to the hunting process because different places are home to a host of different animals. You should make sure you know exactly what it is that you plan on hunting, try to stick to areas that these specific animals inhabit. If you really don’t know where to start, you can go on guided hunting trips that will teach you some basic lessons about hunting. If you hunt with a guide, the chances of a successful hunt increase significantly. An experienced hunter makes for a great mentor and an information learning experience.

Moving Around –

Depending on what you’re hunting, there are different ways that you should go about moving within the forest. If you’re hunting deer, there is a strange method that proves surprisingly effective. Deer can smell and hear anything moving around in a close proximity to themselves. Aside from using odor maskers that make your scent undetectable by deer, you should move through the forest in short, fast bursts in 20 yard increments. Most animals that live in a forest do not move slowly and surely, but sporadically and with purpose. This method actually proves to hide your presence by making your movements sound like they fit within the environment.

This is just to get you started; these tips don’t even scratch the surface. You have a lot of learning to do and a lot of fun to have hunting. Good Luck!

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Three Reasons to Do Squats

If you are contemplating changes to your workout routine, or you just want to improve your lower body strength, adding squats to your workout is a solid choice. In fact, squats should be a part of your workout no matter what you are aiming to achieve. Here are three reasons why squats are a vital part of every workout.

squat technique

Builds Up Your Whole Body

Squatting is not just about improving your length strength or muscle mass. Because of the way our body works, you are releasing testosterone and HGH into your body naturally when you squat regularly. And when those chemicals in your body at a higher level, you will gain muscle quicker through your other workouts.

Hoping to improve your arm strength? Want to boost your chest muscles? Squatting during your off days will ensure you gain muscle faster in your entire body!

Real-Life Activities Are Easier

Squatting is one of the most functional exercises you can perform, because it strengthens muscles that you will use in the real world. We are always working our thighs and quads while walking, especially when going uphill. If you live in an area where you walk a lot, you will see tremendous benefits to your fitness and endurance through squatting. Just ensure that your squat technique is correct, as you want to see maximum gains and no injuries.

Fat Burning

We have already talked about how squats will help you build muscles in your legs, and in your upper body. One of the great side effects of building muscle mass is that you will burn more fat. Your metabolism gets a boost each time you gain a pound of muscle. Each pound of muscle equals roughly 50 more calories burned each day. Add ten pounds of muscle to your body, and you are burning an extra 500 calories each day with no extra effort!

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Considering A Conceal And Carry Permit

Personal safety is important to most people, even to the point that businesses will be inspected to ensure that their work environment is as safe as possible. Safety is a number one priority for almost any establishment, so why should it be any different for your own well-being? If you have ever been caught in a compromising and dangerous situation where you have felt defenseless, applying for a conceal and carry permit so that you can properly defend yourself and your loved ones from any potential danger.

What To Consider –

In order to attain a CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) license, assuming that such a license is available in your area, you must undergo an extensive background check process and complete required educational courses that inform you on safe and responsible firearm ownership and use. Glocks and other similar firearms make for great handguns that are easy to carry and hard to damage.  Keep in mind that you cannot “conceal and carry” anywhere you are, even if you have the permit. You absolutely should never bring your firearm into a hospital or school, it makes for too many unnecessary risks and it is unlikely that you would be forced to use it regardless. 

Don’t Let It Go To Your Head –

Once you attain your CCW, it is imperative that you remember that firearm use is a last resort. If you are not out of any other options to defuse a dangerous situation and you must resort to using your firearm, retain the mindset that it is a weapon and should not be used on a whim. Consider every possibility when assessing a situation. Avoid a “gung-ho” attitude, you are not law enforcement, let trained professionals handle danger.


A CCW is a great way to maintain safety to you and your family when traveling. You never know when something could happen and it’s important that you’re prepared. 

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18 Holes Of Hilarity

If you love golf, you likely can’t understand how some people can call it boring.  For lovers of classic comedy, however, there’s one TV episode that made the game of golf the funniest thing in the world.  If you’re a golfer or a golfing fan, “The Golf Game” from I Love Lucy is unforgettably funny.  If golf course business services had to cater to players who used these rules, the business would never be the same.

The episode is about Lucy and Ethel insisting on tagging along with Ricky and Fred when they play golf, and the guys making up the most ridiculous rules in the world to discourage them.  The gals, knowing nothing about the game, take these rules seriously-to hilarious effect.  The “rules” include:

golf course business services

1.    Checking the direction of the wind at the beginning of a hole, and choosing which club to use by swinging them around to determine which one feels best.

2.    Always saying “May I?” before your first stroke, at risk of a penalty of losing 10 points and hitting the ball with your next stroke after taking a giant step with only your right leg.

3.    If you don’t hit the ball in three strokes, do a “dormie” by picking up the ball and throwing it under your left leg.

4.    If you touch the ball outside of doing a “dormie,” you get a “mashie”-in which the opposing player mashes your ball into the earth.

The “rules” go on and get more convoluted and ridiculous as they go along, and Lucy and Ethel believe them-until an actual golf pro, Jimmy Demaret, shows up and sets them right-and helps them get even with the guys.  It’s fun to imagine the game actually being played this way, but all things considered it’s probably best that the I Love Lucy rules are left to TV characters with gullible spouses.

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Enhance Your Shooting Style With Accessories

Everyone knows that shooting a Beretta is a lot of fun, but when you add accessories to the firearm, the excitement is taken to the next level. Gun enthusiasts love to add Beretta gun accessories to their weapon and upon learning the many options available, you’ll feel the very same way. What are some of the best accessories to add to your weapon?

How about a wood grip? Not only does a wood grip add sleek style to the weapon, it gives it a unique edge that most other weapons lack. It is fun to show off a weapon that is unique and personable and this upgrade does a wonderful job of enhancing it to fullest capacity.

Don’t purchase a weapon without buying a holster. Several types of holsters are available to keep your weapon safe. This includes the chest and the hip holster. No matter which style you prefer, it is important that it is at your disposal.

Would you enjoy a larger magazine capacity on your weapon, as many people desire? That doesn’t need to be only something that you want. It is quite simple to get a larger magazine and experience this update in function of your weapon.

Don’t forget to show your love for the gun manufacturer by wearing a branded t-shirt. Yes, this is an apparel item that is currently available to you and one that you should purchase. It is reasonably priced and is a sure way to let everyone know where you stand on important gun issues.

Beretta gun accessories

The list of accessories is endless. No matter what you want to do with your weapon, it is easy to accomplish it with the use of these accessories. Make sure you check out what is available and add a few to your collection!

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